Project Preliminary Studies

  • Market Studies and investigation of products
  • Resource analysis for project implementation, such as: labour, contractors
    and materials.
  • Construction Services Analysis
  • Database of Chilean construction services
  • Assistance with the technical and financial evaluation of construction
  • Water supply, tailing disposal, offsites
  • Property acquisition
  • CAPEX and OPEX reviews for projects investigations

Project Documents Studies

  • Project planning
  • Contracting plans
  • Engineering - Construction team structuring (Alternative Organizations)
  • Contract Documents. Preparation and document review
  • Proposal document preparation
  • Proposal analysis and evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Constructability analysis
  • Permit securing support
  • Risk analysis
  • Due dilligence investigation

Project Assessment during Execution

  • Audit and Inspection of engineering construction contracts
  • Specific problem investigation during the project course
  • Review and improvement of planning
  • Closure and acceptance of work

Support with Project Conflict Resolution

  • Protection from claim risks
  • Technical and legal support during the process of claim
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Technical Advice during arbitration