R & R International Business Consultants is a private Chilean company providing services to the business community in the fields of mining, infrastructure and construction.

R & R was created in 1997 to continue the activities of Alfonso del Rio Engineers & Consultants by extending its scope to other areas of the consulting business and related services.

R & R has developed international relationships with people that occupy positions of responsibility in business, government and professions throughout the Southern Cone Countries of Latin America, for the purpose of developing projects in this region.

Our clients are companies located in the United States, United Kingdom, Argentine, Brazil and Chile, who explore business opportunities and expect accurate, reliable and balanced information from the source, to make the right decisions for future projects.



R & R is aimed to provide Mining, Construction and Infrastructure executives, with answers to most of the critical questions at the outset of projects, related to numerous issues, such as general planning, location of plants, bases for budgeting, elements of risk and the like matters, and to continue assisting them during the project execution with audits, problem solving and support in conflicts, to the end of successful projects.

R & R is focused as well in assisting its Clients in the procurement and construction phases of projects, providing the experience to buy the equipment and materials for the project and preparing and selecting the contractors and suppliers to bid for the construction and supplies and with the management of the construction phase of the project implementation, including startup of the production facilities.